A Warmachine painted by me, more Warmachine pics here. Visit Painting Services for other samples of our painting.

We are moving as of the 31st of September to our new home www.hallofancientwarriors.com all other contact details still the same.

New 15mm Field of Glory camps are now available.

New ranges in 15mm, Byzantine, Cuman, Medieval German & Rus are now available.

We are proud to now be stocking the Wargames Factory 28mm Hard Plastic Ranges. We are now able to order the 25/28mm Magister Militm Ranges please ask for details and pricing. Feel free to download the Wargames Factory flyer.

Welcome to Hall of Ancient Warriors, established in 1985 to service the hobby. We offer a large range of locally produced and imported products and auxiliary services to the gamers.

Our figures range from Ancients through to Science Fiction and Fantasy, in scales from 6mm to 54mm. Providing 26 of our own locally produced ranges and well over three hundred figures and access to many more. We offer to the gamers a wide range of books, terrain, paints, brushes and other accessories to allow you the gamers to enjoy your games and the hobby. Please note that all figure prices are for castings only. For painting charges please go to the Painting service. Our other service includes designing and casting as well as a painting service at reasonable prices.

This Web page is continually updated as new products come on line so please check in regularly to see what is new, why not Bookmark it, to save time. Please feel to call or email us to discuss your gaming needs.

Regards Brian