25 mm range by Hall of Ancient Warriors

  Syrians & Hittites  
SYR-01 Syrian spearman [3 variations]
SYR-02 Syrian archer firing
SYR-03 Syrian archer loading
HIT-01 Hittite spearman

Price : $1.75 per figure




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IRI-01 Lower class warriors
IRI-02 Upper class warriors
IRI-03 Irish Chieftan
IRI-04 Hound master and hounds(4)

Price : $1.75 per figure except IRI-04 which is $6.00

There are three different types of shields that allow you to make three variations of each figure

SH-01 Long wicker
SH-02 Buckler
SH-03 Round studded
SH-04 Large round
SH-05 Large round rimmed
SH-06 Large oval with boss
SH-07 Draco standard ($1.00 each)
SH-08 Hounds ($1.00 each)

PIC-01 Chieftain/noble warrior
PIC-02 Warriors
PIC-03 Archers
PIC-04 Skirmishers
PIC-05 Pictish cavalry

Price : $1.75 per figure


  Saxon Raiders  
SAX-01 Warrior in phyian cap
SAX-02 Warrior bare headed
SAX-03 Noble in mail (due October)

Price : $1.75 per figure



Click on a thumbnail for a closeup of the Saxon and German figures.


GOT-01 Medium cavalry
GOT-02 Heavy cavalry
GOT-03 Heavy cavalry with plume

Price : $3.50 per figure


25UPDF-01 UPDF trooper at ease

Price : $1.75 per figure