15mm Baggage range by Hall of Ancient Warriors



BAG-02, click to enlarge

BAG-01 Two wheeled wagon $3.00
BAG-02 Four wheeled wagon $6.00
BAG-03 Pack camels $6.00
BAG-04 Pack mules $1.00
BAG-05 Boxes $1.00
BAG-07 Sakes $0.20
BAG-08 Carroccio $6.00
BAG-09 Asiatic Wagon $6.00

      What is a carroccio?

Mainly used in Italian armies in Feudal times. The carroccio was a painted, ox-drawn wagon consisting of a rectangular wooden platform supporting an altar and a mast, from which a standard flew. Some carroccios held armed troops, others were protected guards of mounted knights. Since its loss, and especially its standard, was considered a grevious dishonour and humiliation it was always accompanied to battle by an elite guard unit, usually infantry.

Image and text from Ian Heath's Armies of Feudal Europe 1066 - 1300, a WRG Publication.