Science Fiction range by Hall of Ancient Warriors

(Left to right) Endzarian Python class corvette, Sol-Compact (SOLC) Dreadnought, SOLC Bat wing fighters, SOLC Heavy cruiser, SOLC Medium cruiser & Endzarian Hydra class Dreadnought.


Sol Compact

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SOLC-01 Dreadnought $10
SOLC-02 Heavy cruiser $8
SOLC-03 Locust fighter $5
SOLC-04 Mine $5
SOLC-05 Medium cruiser $6
SOLC-06 Light cruiser $6
SOLC-07 Delta T bomber $5
SOLC-08 Batwing fighter $5

SOL Compact Fleet Box 1 x Dreadnought
2 x Heavy cruiser
3 x Medium cruiser
4 x Light cruiser
2 x Bomber stands
8 x Fighter stands

END-01 Hydra class dreadnought $10
END-02 Heavy cruiser $8
END-03 Cobra medium bomber $5
END-04 Turtle fighter $5
END-05 Viper bomber $5
END-06 Python class corvette $6
END-07 Turtle class fighter $5
END-08 Light cruiser new! $6

Endzarian Fleet Box 1 x Hydra
2 x Heavy cruiser
6 x Corvettes
4 x Bomber stands
8 x Fighter stands

  Ground support vehicles  
IGSV-01 Armoured personnel carrier $6
IGSV-02 Praying mantis light tank $6
IGSV-03 Hawk self-propelled gun $6
IGSV-04 Mule transporter and troop carrier $6
IGSV-05 Mule transporter and ECM $6
IGSV-07 Mobile command tactical operations vehicle $6
IGSV-08 Thunder missile vehicle $6
IGSV-09 Stallion pursuit $6
IGSV-10 Mercury hovercraft $6
IGSV-11 Python missile tank $6
IGSV-12 Mule light troop transport $6
IGSV-13 Armoured infantry $6
IGVS-15 Unmanned Mule $6

  Notes and prices  

Prices : as marked or $80 for a fleet box

B5 ships now available

These vehicles are also suitable for Battletech.

Planets coming soon!