The Scribes Quill Figurine painting service

  Painting   Price ($) per figure:

15mm 25mm 25mm character
Infantry   3.00   5.50 10.00
Cavalry   3.50   9.00 16.50
2 horse chariot/bolt shooter   5.50 10.50 30.00
4 horse chariot/artillery
/elephant/war machine
  9.50 26.00 35.00
BattleTech figures 11.00

Make all cheques payable to the Hall of Ancient Warriors. Please note that these prices do not include the cost of the figure.


  Sample paintwork  
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Size 0 $2.50
Size 00 $2.50
Size 01 $2.50
Size 02 $3.00

  Acrylic Paints   $3.50 per 30ml jar

Actual colours are in [brackets]

Brush on Undercoats
Darkness [Black]
Light [White]
Ground [Brown]
The Essentials
Skintone [Flesh]
Night [Black]
Snow [White]
Ocean [Blue]
Moss [Green]
Sun [Yellow]
The Metals
Antique Bronze  
The Hues
Darken Pools [Dark Blue]
Sky [Light Blue]
Nova [Bright Blue]
Pine [Dark Green]
Licen [Light Green]
Bassalt [Dark Grey]
Slate [Mid Grey]
Shale [Light Grey]
Mauve [Light Purple]
Mandrian [Orange]
Olive [Olive]
Bark [Dark Brown]
Bone [Off White]
The Ancients
Unbleached Linen  
Old Leather  
Imperial Purple  
Legionary Red  
Red Leather  
The Equines
The Finish
Ice [Brush on satin varnish]